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Chris Weigand, President • Industrial Designer


"I've been doing something design related my entire life. I've been a successful Industrial Designer, design manager and business manager for over 20 years, but beyond that I'm an artist, naturalist, writer, dreamer, thinker, optimist and a million other things. My success finds its roots in my simple approach to problem solving and my ability to balance artistry and creativity with logic and common sense.


You'll find nothing pretentious here, at least I hope you don't.  Good design isn't mysterious or only able to be appreciated by people with trendy clothes. Design is universal. Design is amazing. Design is fun.


Let's create something."

The team.

We provide both deep experience and broad expertise for our clients. Rest assured we have what it takes to help you get to where you want to go. Our years of professional design work has allowed us to build up extensive resources and creative expertise. This allows us to provide incredible creative solutions from concept to design to implementation.

Extended Team



No matter the size of your project, we have an extensive network of professional resources that we are able to call on in order to meet every client's specific needs - including editorial, graphic design, UX, interactive, web design and branding.  During the course of a project we seemlessly manage these resources, assuring you get the best possible solutions.   We are here to help you.


Christine Weigand - Interior Design, Space Planning, Project Management


Rachel Adkins - User Experience, Web Design, Digital Marketing Strategy


Shannon Eggleton - Copywriting, Editing, Digital Marketing Strategy


Mike Graff - Industrial  Design, Retail Design, Research, Retail Strategy


Triplet 3D - Animation, Graphic Visualization



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