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Who we are and what we believe.

We are your retail design team.


We believe in simplicity.  We believe in fun. We believe anything is possible. We believe in people, planet and profit. Creativity and innovation drive us. Anticipating needs, understanding value and delivering the best, most sustainable retail design solutions is what we do. Every day.

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Studio -  Located in the heart of the Cuyahoga Valley National Park, in scenic Peninsula, Ohio, our studios are just one part of our ENERGY STAR certified home. We look to be environmentally friendly in everything we in the service of your business. All of the water we use is collected from the sky. Heating and cooling is handled by a hybrid geothermal system, passive solar design and a pellet fireplace that can also burn sun flower seeds, corn or switchgrass. Stepping outside, nestled amongst natural meadows and wetlands, you'll find a micro-farm that includes an apple orchard, berry bushes, veggies and an apiary. We're even set up to install car chargers and solar panels in the future. All without compromising style or comfort.  Have your cake and eat it too? You bet.


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People are the reason we design. We create experiences for your brand and the consumers who buy what you are selling. The things we design touch a lot of people and it is with that understanding that we operate in a manner that treats everyone fairly, with respect and honesty. We build our business by nurturing relationships. A sense of community and working towards a greater good is what makes us human.

We will: Do great work • Be honest • Communicate • Nurture • Be Fair • Have Fun


We love the a lot. As designers we understand the harm we can bring to the world through poor design decisions. Throughout the process we consider the impact our designs will have on the environment. Material and process selection are important to assure we're arriving at the best possible solution; bringing no harm to the world around us. We will learn, lead and openly share our knowledge with others. We understand that we are custodians of this world.

We will: Work with nature • Be in wonder • Lead • Teach and learn


Everyone profiting is important to us. Profit means so much more than just a line item on an accounting document. We provide value by effectiveley applying our design and project management expertise to your retail design project. We develop realistic, delightful retail experiences. Our creativity and knowledge build the connection between your brand and your customers. Our goal is to nurish your business, so that we may all profit from success.

Services: Retail Analysis • Retail Design • Branding • Project Management • Sourcing